Copyediting Portfolio

Cripple Squadron cover

Cripple Squadron

By Fred Hughes

Skeleton in the Closet cover

Skeleton in the Closet

By Kevin J. Anderson

At the Intersection of Love and Death cover

At the Intersection of Love and Death

By Michael Haynes

Lucifer's War Carolingian Book One cover

Lucifer’s War
The Carolingian: Book One

By Melinda M. Snodgrass

cover Talos


by Brian D. Anderson

cover Decimus

Decimus: The Vampire’s Curse

by Travis Richey

Night Sheriff

The Night Sheriff

by Phil Foglio

Seventh Age Dystopia cover

The Seventh Age: Dystopia

by Rick Heinz

Deathly Waters cover

Deathly Waters: Harper’s Landing (Occult America)

by Shoshana Edwards

Dragon Planet cover

Dragon Planet

by Dan Wells

Currency of War cover

Currency of War

by Melinda M. Snodgrass

Or Even Eagle Flew cover

Or Even Eagle Flew

by Harry Turtledove

Box Office Poison cover

Box Office Poison

by Melinda M. Snodgrass

MacGyver Meltdown cover

MacGyver: Meltdown

by Eric Kelley and Lee Zlotoff


No One Ever Leaves Port Henri

by K.A. Teryna, translated by Alex Shvartsman

Cover The Hex Is In

The Hex Is In

by Mike Resnick

Cover This Case Is Gonna Kill Me

This Case Is Gonna Kill Me

by Melinda M. Snodgrass

FSF Issue 4

Future Science Fiction Digest, Issue 4, September 2019

Edited by Alex Shvartsman

A Dretchens Tale

A Dretchen’s Tale

by J.B. Garner